I had a requirement to learn MS Project as this was the preferred reporting tool as specified by the client. Having had no previous Projects experience, I attended a course in the CBD, which was very informing and contained a lot of information.

When I went to apply this learning to an actual project, I had trouble transferring what I had learnt into practise. I had learnt 90% of what I needed to know but struggled to understand where I was going wrong and couldn’t convert this into something that worked.

I came across Ivor via the internet and advised him that I had already attended another course and was sceptical about attending another in case I found myself in the same situation. He stated that his style of teachings was different, starting with a focus on understanding the basic logic required to build a program.

Ivor’s method of training over 3 sessions and using a pencil and paper has resonated well for me and I’m pleased to say that I now have a level of confidence using Project that I didn’t previously.

I’d be happy to act as a reference for anyone who is like me and a bit old school with regards to using computer programs”.

Jason McInnes

Operations Manager

As an experienced civil engineer with many years in the industry, I identified that my planning skills were lacking. Both to produce a working programme and to have the ability to explain how the programme reacts to change. After taking the courses in Microsoft Project and Primavera P6, I can now identify the correct procedures to rake to produce a working accurate programme. This in turn, allows me to show progress to colleagues.

The courses were split into manageable time blocks which gave better retention of the subject matter.

I am now confident that I can identify areas that may not be correct within these software packages the time consuming limitations that they present.

In closing, there is no way that these software packages can be self taught.

Many thanks Ivor, and I look forward to the advanced excel course.”

Andrew Regan

August 2016

Ivor’s (Fast Track Computer Solutions) approach to learning has been invaluable to me. Having spent the past 20 years working hands on in the construction industry making the change from being onsite doing the work to changing roles to managing works.

Ivor’s ability to work with you 1-on-1 and giving the appropriate instruction at the right pace for my abilities to process and retain the information provided during training.

I have found Ivor’s extensive construction industry experience of great value and look i forward to more training and mentoring as I become more aware of the requirements of my new role progresses.

Ivor’s knowledge of the Microsoft suite of programs is excellent and has given me the basic understanding and confidence to use these essential tools. I have learnt to use Windows, Teams, Excel Basic and MS Project, so far.

I am looking forward to gaining more skills with these programs into the future with Ivor’s help.

Aaron Easthope

Construction Specialist – Supervision

I contacted Ivor to conduct 3 x 3 hr, one-on-one training sessions relating to how MS Project can work with the Maximo maintenance management system plus ancillary XL based inputs.

At the start of the course, I was unable to build an operational MS Project Template to accommodate all my requirements. Just following the internet based tutorials was no substitute for sitting with an expert and asking specific questions about the precise set up I required. After two sessions I was able to build a robust template and this meant that in the third and final session we were able to get down to the nitty gritty of the project.

Ivor was invaluable to me and I don’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone seeking a thorough understanding of what MS Project can (and can’t) do for you.

Mick Lampard

Maintenance Planner/Scheduler

I had the pleasure of attending a Project intermediate Training session with Ivor Kosowitz. His knowledge on Project is by far the best I have come across in over 30 years in the Mining & Oil & Gas industries. He has the patience and the skills to enable you to better your on skills. The one on one training broken into small blocks on different days is by far the best solution for any candidate. I would recommend Ivor to anyone seeking to improve their Project skills.

Bernard Sweeny

Senior Project Controls, Impex Darwin

Now we offer MS Project and Primavera P6 training 1-on-1 “face-to-face”
via Zoom etc in addition to 1-on-1 “face-to-face, at our office.

Richard B. – General Manager, International Mining Projects, on 12/05/20, writes:

Ivor spent 11 hours getting me back up to speed with MS project.

I was self-taught and had not used the software for several years. Ivor’s experiential based approach connected with me as I thought of all                                                    the errors I had made in my past efforts at scheduling. He showed me just how powerful MS Project could be as a depository for all project                                                    information and delighted in highlighting better way to do things than Microsoft’s recommendation.

Ivor is experienced (knows the software inside out) and methodical and his training has important elements of old-school that makes you                                                      understand what and why you are doing something rather than simply how you do it.

Jimena Taracena – Architect/Project Manager, on 30/01/20, writes:

Thank you Ivor at Fast Track Computer Solutions for the Project and P6 Primavera training.

Was exactly what I was looking, someone with experience on the field to explain not only how the program works but how you apply this properly in real life.

Was very well understood as is not only explained through the interaction of videos, lectures and explanation of the software but also making me do an exercise of the program help a lot.

Never thought saying this, but doing mistakes was the best thing as you questioned where I was wrong and I had to understand how to solve it with your guidance.

The training units time was perfect! Enough time in each unit to understand and absorbed the information avoiding loosing focus of the process. Discussions of real projects and a quick explanation of the history of the programs makes it more interesting.

This is the best learning process.

Terry Culley – Project Administrator, on 15/11/19, writes:

With the new role I have taken with The Griffin Group, I have been introduced to MS Project. This program is new to me, and although I have seen it before I have never used it.

My first thoughts were that I could use You Tube or some on-line tutorials in learning the program. I ventured down this path and after wasting 3 weeks, found out about Ivor and enrolled to his training course.

Ivor runs 3 x 3 hour sessions which is ideal on the brain with the amount of information that is passed on from Ivor over the course duration. After the first 3 hour session I learnt more about MS Project than the in the 3 weeks prior.

Ivor runs through the entire program in a manner that is very easy to understand. He shows many examples along the way, and provides all the necessary literature in assisting the learning process.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ivor to anyone who wants to learn about MS Project…… even those that think they are a full bottle on the program will learn something new!

Call Ivor on (08) 9275-9188 or email to ivkoso@hotmail.com

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